“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity” 

[Simone Weil]

Private one-on-one sessions suit anyone who wants to work intensively on a specific subject:

– An injury or a physical issue they would like to solve.

– For movers who want to research and work deeper on different techniques or specific movement material.

– For creators who want to gain new inspiration and creative tools.

Private sessions are made online using Zoom meetings and videos exchange between the student and myself. Once a week, for the period of work that is decided ahead, the student receives tasks and feedback related to the topic of interest.

With just a few sessions, major steps towards your goal can be achieved.


Live FI sessions

Feldenkrais® private sessions are known as Functional Integration® (FI) lessons. In an FI, the practitioner guides an individual student in movement using gentle and supportive touch as the primary means of communication. Each lesson relates to a particular desire, intention, or need of the student and is devoid of any invasive or forceful procedures. Through rapport and respect for the student’s abilities and unique qualities, the teacher creates an environment in which the student is free to learn safely and comfortably. The lesson is developed specifically for the student and tailored to the individual’s circumstances and needs at that particular moment. Students come to discover more efficiency in their movement and experience greater comfort, enjoyment, and ease of motion.

FI lessons are suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds.