A solo by Yael Cibulski.

Preformed as part of DAR Festival | Alexandrinsky Theatre | Saint Petersburg/Russia | May 2019.

Music by: Gorovich,

Video by: Sergey Kartashov.


Filmed and directed by: Sophal Larcin.

Dance and choreography: Yael Cibulski.

Goa/India January 2020.


Created with the aim of accessing the latent emotional world of men, friendships, empathy and the lack thereof.

Dancers: Aron Nowak, Gabriel Lawton, Justin Br-wn, Yael Cibulski.

Video: Imogen Mansfield at Ufer Studios Berlin.


“Our Neighbors Next Door” addresses that potent space between two people – that seemingly “empty” space which comes to life the moment two pairs of eyes meet and begin to communicate, to build a relationship.

Every movement is like a word, expressing a need or a thought or a feeling. Its funny how even in a big crowd we can only perceive one pair of eyes at a time. There is a certain quality of communication that can fully exist only between the two. The whole piece is based on action and reaction or the disturbing feelings that arise from no reaction to our action. The psychological question that echoed in the studio at the creation process was- in a relationship, is the other one even there? Is the other side is only a reflection to ourselves? Can safety lay in another person’s hands? Can sorrow and madness find it’s cure in a couple? Or are we all just temporary bandages to each other’s wounds? Created in Berlin in August 2019. Dancers: Ale Marzotto & Yael Cibulski. Original music by Ralph Hidel. Video by Ben Mergelsberg.


A documentary filmed in Russia. A journey of movement. May 2019.


1,2,3,4 is a collaboration initiated by Yuri Smekalov. Four international choreographers, Yuri Smekalov, Xenia Wiest, Helder Seabra and Yael Cibulski, create one full-length piece.

Dancers: Vladimir Vernava, Diego Calderon, Victoria Litvinova, Polina Mitryashina, Alexey Nedviga, Alexander Chelidze, Zlata Yalinich, Sabina Sabina.

Music: Bhima Yunusov

Video: Kololobov

September 2019, the Kamennoostrovsky Theater, St. Petersburg, Russia.


Research of an intimacy that began and never ended. There is still so much more to learn.

Choreographed and performed by Jeremy Alberge and Yael Cibulski.

Video: Juliette C. Bertoldo